If you are new to entrepreneurship you might be only thinking about the bright side of working with clients. In your head, you're thinking that all clients will be happy and grateful and your business will run seamlessly…


That would be awesome! But it's not reality.


In this episode, we'll talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of client relationships. If you're in business of any kind, whether that's a hot dog stand or a billion dollar corporation, it is GUARANTEED that you will have your share of “tough clients” or unreasonable customers.


You WANT to help your clients, but if you KNOW they're taking advantage of you, where do you draw the line, and what can you do?


Our line is very simple, we'll always bend over backwards to help our clients, but we'll never bend over forwards.


In this podcast, Ryan deeply dives into how he handles relationships with clients and customers, and the difference between the two. He also goes into multiple stories of being screwed over by friends and clients, how he handled it. 


Ryan and Kota also discuss:

- Ryan taking a past business partner to court, and why it was necessary to send a message. 

- Why Industry Threadworks (Ryan’s Company) started offering fulfillment/ customer service for their top clients.

- Incredibly bad/off brand customer service from a major luxury brand store and what it taught Ryan. 

- Customer service is not a liability, it is a huge OPPORTUNITY for your business (How customers will always remember you).


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