If you are an entrepreneur, you might be asking yourself, “Should I hire someone that is a “newbie” that won’t cost as much, but needs more training/ hand holding...”


“Do I spend MORE money hiring someone that is a trained professional and has years of experience?”

The answer truly depends on what stage of business you are in. But we'll leave you a couple of hiring tips for startups to help you out in your entrepreneurship journey.

In this podcast, Ryan and Kota talk about the importance of hiring the right people and having the strong ability to sell your vision. Most people that are in the beginning stages of business do not have the budget to spend money hiring top-tier players. You need to use your skills that you have (system and processes) to train people that might not have the experience.

And if you have little to NO money to give, in the beginning, it is crucial that you know how to sell your vision and where the final destination lands.

Ryan and Kota also discuss:

-  The importance of giving your employees a voice in the company

-You might be the “boss”, but your employees know more about day-to-day processes than you do  

- Why one of Ryan’s employees told him to “F*CK OFF!” straight to his face

- Selling your vision of where the company is going can be more powerful than you think.


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