On this week's episode we got a question from one of our viewers, Aleem Afzal, entrepreneur and founder of his new brand, @limitlesslivingco . His question was a common one that all new business owners face as they're getting the brand off the ground: "I know my friends and family will support the designs and tell me they're good, but how can I test designs in the marketplace to be sure they'll actually sell before I put money into purchasing inventory?"


It's definitely scary rolling the dice and spending money on an unsure thing, but that's the gamble of entrepreneurship. Obviously you don’t want to waste your time and money on creating products that people are not going to buy, but you also don't want to wait on the sidelines forever either. Taking these steps will help guide you in the right direction!


In this podcast, Ryan and Kota explain how to test and gather the opinions of your target audience when it comes to creating designs that people are going to want to buy and wear. It's hard starting from scratch, but it's harder still if you don't have money to run ads to do the testing, or a big following to poll on social media.


So what do you do?


Simply use these tips that Ryan has gathered over the years and JUST GET STARTED. 


Ryan and Kota also discuss:


- What Ryan would do if he had to START OVER!

- The pros and cons of a POD (Print On Demand) model using DTG (Direct To Garment) printers, vs. an inventory model (screen printing).

- Should you just buy your own screen printer and print your own shirts? Maybe, it depends what you want to spend your time doing, but we do see some patterns as that's a super common question.

- The problem of creating to many options (like printing a shirt in LOTS of different colors), and the power & simplicity of the Pepperoni Pizza & Coors Light solution.

- Remember, you're NOT selling a t-shirt, or even a product at all, you are selling a LIFESTYLE. The difference is subtle, but HUGE. Your audience cares way more about what the shirt STANDS FOR and the MEANING behind it, than the design that's printed on it.




Featured Guest: Limitless Living https://www.instagram.com/limitlesslivingco/


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