How to sell your company is one thing, but there are a lot of better podcasts for those details, and while we do go into some of the technical details for basic sales in this episode, we dive way deep into a bigger question that rarely gets asked, is WHO are you WITHOUT the company? And what will you do AFTER the sale? With your money, your time, purpose, relationships, etc.


In this podcast, Ryan and Kota cover some strategies to use when you're wanting to sell your business, lessons learned from the exiting process, and even bigger lessons from what came after.


Most people think when they “sell a company”, it unlocks the NEXT LEVEL and solves all their problems! (Expensive cars, mansions, private jets, models, laying on exotic beaches with umbrella drinks!) This isn’t always the case, and is in fact, RARELY the case.


The fact is high level achievers love to achieve. They fall in love with the GAME, and you don't win anything by sitting on the sidelines with a margarita. It might be nice for a reset (which is useful and NECESSARY), but most true players never unplug forever, they just reset and get back in the game.


But before you get to that stage, you first have to build a successful business that investors are going to want to buy. Not every business is sellable! We discuss the differences, and how to structure the company so it will be more attractive to a buyer.


Ryan and Kota also discuss:

- What to do after you sell the company that you worked so hard to build.

- How selling your company to the wrong buyer can really HURT! Diligence checks go both ways, make sure you know who you're selling to, and what their plans are for your company..

- Understand the process of selling your company (legal documents, payouts, and more!) it doesn't have to be complicated, and at the small scale is probably much easier than you think.

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