37. Mindset, And Why It's The MOST Important, Yet Most Neglected Part of Entrepreneurship

37. Mindset, And Why It's The MOST Important, Yet Most Neglected Part of Entrepreneurship

If you're thinking about jumping into entrepreneurship, one of the most uncommon, yet important questions you SHOULD be asking yourself is: “What type of mindset do I have to have to be successful on this endeavor?”


That is a KEY question you need to be asking yourself, yet so many people gloss over it. In order to play the game of entrepreneurship, you need to be resilient. Some people quit their normal 9 to 5 to become an entrepreneur because they say:


“I want to be my own boss.”

“I want to make my own work schedule.”

“I want to be the pilot of my own life.”

So on and so forth, which all sounds GREAT, but in reality, it’s not that simple.


Creating your own business is not easy. You have to have a skillset that brings value to people. People that will trade their money for your time/skill. And you have to remember, your income is not always promised. You eat what you kill, there is no safety net.


In this podcast, Ryan and Kota talk about how you need to have the go-ready mindset when it comes to building a business and becoming your own "boss". 


Ryan and Kota also discuss:

- Why some people operate at a “world class” level while the majority operate at "just good enough”.

- Understanding that YOU ARE GOING TO SUCK in the beginning is the best strength to have to just get started today.

- No one cares what you are doing day to day nearly as much as you may be afraid they do, stop over thinking social media, just post what you want because the people that do like what you offer will stick around and those that don't, don't matter.

- "Success" is a relative term, and how you define it for yourself may be one of the most important things you can do.









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