4. When To Fire an Employee

4. When To Fire an Employee

One of the hardest questions you might be facing in your business right now is “When to fire an employee?”

In this podcast, Ryan and Kota give their take on 2 important, and common questions in business: what would you do if you had to start building a new business from scratch, and when it might be the right time to fire one of your employees.

They also go over:

- Why you want to hire people that are BETTER than you.

- The importance of working “smarter” not “harder (stop wasting time on activities that don't move your business forward).

- How “perfection” is relative, and determining whose opinion REALLY matters (PS, this will help you scale!).

- The benefits of joining different networking groups to help push you as a business owner to the next level.

“Mapping It Out: The Roadmap of Entrepreneurship” podcast was created to highlight the entrepreneurship journey of what it means to run a legit company. Follow along as we talk about topics from “how to start a company” all the way to “the mistakes we have made”

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