8. Should You Work With Your Spouse?

8. Should You Work With Your Spouse?

You might be asking yourself, “Should I work with my spouse?” It is a common question that is asked when it comes to entrepreneurship. Owning your business can be a lot to handle and on top of that, making sure everything is good at home with your partner. Is it a good idea to bring them on board and work together to grow the company?

In this podcast, we have a special guest, Disney Williams (CEO of Industry Threadworks), but she also is Ryan Williams' wife. 

Ryan and Disney discuss with Kota what it is like to be in business while being married. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. 

They also go over:

-  How they separate business and personal life

-  How Disney became the CEO of the business Ryan founded

-  The importance of having “common goals” that they both want to achieve

-  Stories of poor business decisions and how they got out of them


“Mapping It Out: The Roadmap of Entrepreneurship” podcast was created to highlight the entrepreneurship journey of what it means to run a legit company. Follow along as we talk about topics from “how to start a company” all the way to “the mistakes we have made”

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