RNA-Based Therapeutics With Nutcracker Therapeutics' Dr. Geoff Nosrati
Business Of Biotech · 52 minutes ·

RNA-Based Therapeutics With Nutcracker Therapeutics' Dr. Geoff Nosrati

Nutcracker Therapeutics is a preclinical biopharma company developing  multimodal RNA-based therapeutics for HPV-driven tumors, T-cell lymphoma, and Genitourinary tumors. On this episode of the Business of Biotech, Chief Business Officer Geoff Nosrati, Ph.D. offers a comprehensive view of the RNA-based therapeutics landscape and sheds light on what he perceives as an advantageous position at Nutcracker— the capacity to manufacture RNA in-house.  If you're curious about the expanding science behind  RNA-based therapeutics and their application in biotech,  this conversation with a scientist-turned-chief business officer (Nosrati earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) is a can't-miss episode. 

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