How to Build Data Science Teams for AI Projects
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How to Build Data Science Teams for AI Projects

This week we interview a leader at Facebook. Jason Sundram is the lead of at Facebook, which is one of their efforts to work with public data around roads and population and other projects of that kind. But Sundram is also highly involved in the Boston office here, where Facebook will soon have around 650 employees. Many of them focus on data science and artificial intelligence.

Last time we talked about personalization in AI with Hussein Mehanna, who was Director of Engineering at Facebook at the time. This time, we'll talk about two topics that all established sectors need to be focusing on:

  • How does one build ML and data science teams?
  • How does one pick an AI project?

For business leaders who are considering hiring data science talent or thinking about how to start with AI in terms of making a difference in their bottom line, this should be a useful episode.

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