"CEO Series with Nash Danga: "I Knew I Could Do It" | Episode 505

"CEO Series with Nash Danga: "I Knew I Could Do It" | Episode 505

Nash Danga started off his career working for someone else, but knew he wanted something of his own. So he started his PT business from scratch, with absolutely nothing, and built (and continues to build) his empire. Currently, he is getting ready to open a second location and hire even more staff.

Sound similar to something you've experienced?

or maybe you have your business, but you and your team are struggling with sales because it just feels completely unnatural.

As I interview Nash Danga in today's podcast, listen to the exact steps he took as he details his story AND how selling just might come a little more natural than you think.

If you are a PT in Private Practice - with aspirations to build a company that you can step away from - to make money WITHOUT you having to be the one who treats all the patients - this CEO Interview series is for you.

I am hand picking some of the worlds best Clinic Owners who are doing just that - making money while simultaneously stepping back from patient care.

In this episode, I'll be pressing Nash Danga of T4 Physio in the UK on how he is building a 7-Figure clinic that doesn’t rely upon him seeing all of the patients.

If you are just hearing about the CEO series, search back on "The Paul Gough Podcast and Audio Experience" for past episodes with other amazing CEO PTs I have interviewed.

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