"The Real Problem, With The People Problem" | Episode 532

"The Real Problem, With The People Problem" | Episode 532

In this episode, we talk about the issues most businesses face with people. If you were to ask me what I think you should anticipate in 2023, it would be the people problem...

Finding good employees has been the challenge in the past year and I don't see that resolving anytime soon... and it's something that continues to be harder and harder to find. 

You have to have good people that you trust to run the business when you are away. In my family, we are getting ready for baby #4 and I'm fortunate enough to have a team that I trust to keep the business going while I'm away. 

...and I'm not 'Lucky' either. 

Finding good people take time, we have a whole person dedicated to recruitment! It is something that takes time. It took us at least 12 weeks to find me a second marketing person, but it has been good thus far and I'm excited to have him on the team.

In my absence, my team has all stepped up and run a fantastic event in Dublin. I couldn't do it without good people. 

All I'm saying is that this. This people problem isn't going away anytime soon.

Listen to today's podcast on how to both APPROACH and SOLVE this issue for 2023.

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