Ep 3 - Gurus Killed Yoga
Yoga is Dead · 63 minutes ·

Ep 3 - Gurus Killed Yoga


In this episode, we discuss the mindset of followers that fall prey to gurus. We touch on concepts like ahimsa, brahmacharya, and isvara pranidhana. We take a look at yoga gurus, power dynamics, and personality characteristics that are often linked to abuse, harm, and misconduct. We share our personal stories of guru vs mentor. We wrap the episode with harassment communication guidelines for studio owners to adhere to and for traveling yogis as homework.

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Yoga is Dead is a revolutionary podcast that explores power, privilege, fair pay, harassment, race, cultural appropriation and capitalism in the yoga and wellness worlds. Join Indian-American hosts Tejal + Jesal as they exposes all the monsters lurking under the yoga mat.
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