274: Self-Care for Caregivers with Jo Bregnard
The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast · 42 minutes ·

274: Self-Care for Caregivers with Jo Bregnard

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

274: Self-Care for Caregivers with Jo Bregnard



One of the things every yoga entrepreneur needs is self-care. As yoga teachers, we are caregivers in some form. To care for others, we need to care for ourselves first. If you are thinking you don’t have time for self-care, or don’t like bubble baths or spas, this interview with Jo Bregnard will shed new light on the idea of self-care.


Jo Bregnard offers self-care for caregivers through online movement and mindfulness classes, retreats in Vermont, and free selfcare resources. Jo became a yoga teacher in 2014, after a personal journey with caring for others, and then needing to be cared for. Through her experiences, Jo found ways to incorporate bite-sized self-care practices into her life from the different modalities she has studied over the years. Today, she helps other caregivers cultivate their own self-care practice and sustain themselves in the work they do.


In this episode, Jo shares her personal story of caregiving and receiving care, the difference between a sprint versus long-term care, and how yoga teachers are caregivers too. Jo explains what self-care can look like for different people and how to find time for self-care in our busy schedules and hectic lives. Jo also offers suggestions on how to take a retreat for self-care when you can't travel and more.


Whether you’re in a caregiving role or not, this episode is a perfect reminder for us about the importance of self-care and how we can carve time out for it.


Key Takeaways:

[2:32] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode - Jo Bregnard.

[6:18] What does Jo do and who does she do it for?

[7:07] What is Jo's response to people who say they don't have time for self-care?

[8:06] What led Jo to start doing the work that she does?

[14:13] Jo addresses the shame or guilt that people may feel at not being able to do a dedicated hour of yoga practice instead of a quick breathing technique.

[16:17] Why is it so important for us to refill our tanks through self-care?

[18:41] If you are wanting to build a self-care practice but are struggling, Jo has some tips for you.

[23:01] Shannon gives a shout out to OfferingTree.

[25:00] It can be easy and tempting to jump right into doing things when you first wake up in the morning, but it is immensely beneficial to take a few minutes for yourself first.

[26:58] What are some things that Jo recommends for yoga teachers who are in the midst of a sprint to work in some self-care?

[28:38] When we're talking about self-care to other people and doing it for ourselves, how can we ensure it is accessible?

[33:29] Jo offers a five-day mini self-care retreat. She shares how it works.

[35:43] Jo shares some final thoughts for caregivers.

[37:32] Shannon invites you to share a short self-care practice.




Gratitude to our Sponsor, OfferingTree.


Quotes from this episode:

"At some point, you have to start refilling your own well in order to have enough to share with everybody else."


"What can I do and build [self-care] right into my day?"


"Your body knows how to take care of itself."


"The thing that I learned from the people that I work with is hey, we still need connection."


"You have permission for those quiet moments and to slow down. you have permission to take care of yourself too."


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