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In the final episode of season three, Christina and Britt talk about the part of the cycle that brings something to completion. Specifically, they focus on the process of an ending when we might not want that thing to come to an end. They discuss yoga studio closure in the face of a global pandemic and the pieces of ourselves that have changed within that time. The two circle back to the metaphor of the Om cycle and the three distinct parts of that cycle- creation, sustaining, and destruction. Christina considers how oftentimes we do not get to know where we are within the cycle and points to the unknown impact of the Delta variant of Covid-19 and where that places us all within the cycle and spam of this pandemic. Christina also shares a personal experience of loss through death and how this ending in her life continues to change and evolve. 

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Contributors: Christina Sell (co-host).  Brittany Kassel (Producer, editor, and co-hosts). The LLOY podcast image was created by Danielle Alling of Kali Creative ( Original music by Kelly Sell.

Live the Light of Yoga is a passion project born from the hearts of Christina Sell, Alex Lee-Ammons, and Brittany Kassel. 

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