Episode 28: Porter Singer aka Sirgun Kaur (2009 - 2020)

Episode 28: Porter Singer aka Sirgun Kaur (2009 - 2020)

Today's guest is Porter Singer (aka Sirgun Kaur)

Porter Singer took her first Kundalini Yoga class at the Golden Bridge in Hollywood, CA in 2009. Drawn to the allure of this space and (mainly) the music they played, she signed up for a children’s teacher training program that same day. It was in that training she met a fellow musician who invited her to be part of the Summer Solstice sound team, in June 2010.

At Solstice, she learned about the month-long Aquarian teacher training at the Española ashram in August, which she ended up taking that year too.

Upon returning from this 1-month intensive, she felt her identity slowly morph, adopting her spiritual name completely and wearing a head covering any time she went out.

Propelled by what she believed to be positive changes in her life, she decided to skip Christmas with the family that year in favor of attending Winter Solstice. There, she reunited with two men from the Summer Solstice Sound Team who would launch her further along her 3HO path.

At Summer Solstice 2011, she married Harimander Singh and also released her first mantra album "The Music Within" with Sat Darshan Singh. This album contained the single “Bliss”, which would become the soundtrack for a Yogi Bhajan slide show entitled “Facets of the Master”— played at every White Tantric Yoga event in the world. Things seemed to be evolving "magically", and in 2013, after the birth of her first son, she released her second album.

Postpartum depression was really her first clue that kundalini yoga, or “Yogi Bhajan”, might not have, or be, the answer to everything. She started to seek alternate solutions to wellness.

The more she researched and branched out, the more confining her life started to feel. And in 2019, she finally made the decision to separate from her husband and move from the Phoenix ashram community.

She now lives in Washington state with her two boys and her new partner.

Song Credit: "She Used To Be Mine" by Sara Bareilles 


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