Episode 29: GuruNischan Kaur Khalsa (Born into 3HO 1977; Phoenix, AZ)

Episode 29: GuruNischan Kaur Khalsa (Born into 3HO 1977; Phoenix, AZ)

GuruNischan Kaur Khalsa was born and raised in the 3HO Kundalini Yoga community in 1977 in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Navigating a challenging early childhood with lots of chaotic changes, including her mother leaving the Dharma in 1978, custody battles and despicable communication between fighting parents, among other things.

She grew up resilient, feisty and full of positivity to give to the world that she thought was the "power of her light", rather than recognizing these symptoms as deeply rooted trauma patterns.

At age 19 she lived and worked in the Johannesburg, S.A. 3HO Ashram, and later in the Herndon, Virginia Ashram as well (with interesting stories to share from both).

After experiencing "burn-out" in her decade long sales/wellness business career. She took Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Krishna Kaur in Los Angeles in 2009 to "get back to her center and heal". She had zero interest in teaching KY as her living.

After the final collapse and "eerily familiar" demise of her business enterprise in 2012, she began to teach KY in Chicago as a way to move through her grief, confusion, fear and vitriol surfacing.

SLOWLY, (many, many years), she began to recognize trauma patterns of "emotional with-holding", "emotional bypassing" "white-washing positivity", and other symptoms her body was communicating as "standard operation", and begin to recognize how KY was actually holding her body captive, NOT opening it up to freedom and space.

It would take several more years and MANY more sexual embodiment practices before she could recognize her almost constant "disassociation from her body", a shame-based self image disguised as "perfected projection", & "bright-light energy" as her outward persona.

For several yeas she stopped teaching and practicing entirely except at the European Yoga Festival in 2016/2017/2018 as she oscillated between her "love of KY" and her vitriol for aspects of "The Teachings" that felt false, and riddled with corruption.

In March 2020, she experience total liberation, and what felt like "unhooking" from her 10th gate/Crown chakra/Source-Current, to finally SEE and HEAR publicly what her body had been communicating to her LOUDLY for the last 8 years; but her MIND could not accept.

Lies, deceit, sadistic predatory abuse and manipulation were at the heart of her "conscious community upbringing".

Her story reveals details and descriptions of the complexity of love and abuse in an incestuous community upbringing; navigating uncertainty, the detriment of "over-training your will-power", as well as tantalizing tales of SELF reclamation.

Song Credit: The Rose, Bette Midler

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