Episode 55: Darci Larocque (1971 - 2020 Dorchester, MA, Espanola, NM and Los Angeles Ashrams)

Episode 55: Darci Larocque (1971 - 2020 Dorchester, MA, Espanola, NM and Los Angeles Ashrams)

Darci Larocque, was born Darci Clack in 1971. Her father joined 3HO in 1974 in the New Haven Ashram. Her mom and father were divorced and at the age of 5, she started visiting the ashram in Dorchester, MA, where her father had moved. One day in first grade catholic school, her dad and a friend in full Bana showed up in the middle of a school day and took her.

Darci was taken to the Dorchester ashram and even though her mom had full custody, her father wouldn’t give her back. It was the 1970s - her mom, then 23 year old could not fight it so she joined 3HO and moved in.

Darci’s dad was Deva Singh. Her mom was Ram Sarn Kaur and her name became Upma.

After Children’s Camp in 1978, at 7 years old she was sent to the newly created Guardian Program in New Mexico where she stayed for years; first with one set of guardians then with the heads of the ashram. Which among other things, she had direct ranch access that only in hindsight she can now see as “special”. During this time, her mom moved to the LA ashram and YB engaged her to be married.

She was supposed to go to India - but stayed behind with even more YB and ranch access. Her friends (other kids in the guardian program) left in the first group to Mussoorie, India. She ended up in LA and NM for a couple years back and forth. She was fully " out" at 13. Her dad stayed in until he died 16 years ago. Her mom left when she was 15 and she continued to work at the Golden Temple and stayed dressed in her turban while she worked. She died 7 years ago.

Her whole life in 3HO was her life via her dad and friends. She didn't choose to “be cut” out. Until she was 40, she considered herself a Sikh. Only in the past two years did she finally recognize that she wasn't a Sikh. She was raised in a cult.

Song : This is Me by Kesha (from The Greatest Showman)

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