Why Aren't NBA Teams Tanking Anymore? | The Answer
The Ringer NBA Show · 54 minutes ·

Why Aren't NBA Teams Tanking Anymore? | The Answer

Kyle and Seerat get together to discuss why teams around the league aren't choosing to dive to the bottom standings to improve their draft statuses lately, using the intricacies of the recent Lakers-Wizards trade as a conversational springboard. They start on the Lakers side of the deal and talk about whether new acquisition Rui Hachimura can help them in their playoff aspirations (9:54). After the break, they examine the Wizards' current state and the history of misses in both the draft and trade market that has led to their bleak predicament (34:05). They end the pod by doing a deep dive into the first episode of 'The Last of Us' (42:21).
Hosts: J. Kyle Mann and Seerat Sohi
Associate Producer: Chris Sutton
Production Supervision: Benjamin Cruz and Conor Nevins
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