Now, You Have My Attention
The Right Time with Bomani Jones · 54 minutes ·

Now, You Have My Attention

Bomani Jones goes in on the Mavericks for bowing out to the Clippers despite the heroics of Luka Doncic (1:21) and shares why he is re-thinking getting back on the Hawks “narcotic” (17:56). Plus, an IYHH including Amazon using your “Echo” to build a wi-fi network (29:51) and your voicemails from that time when you went to extraordinary lengths to retrieve “your money” (41:01).
IYHH Stories

@publicbill shares the ‘time has come’ for a global pandemic treaty, WHO says:

@NathanBomey on Tesla activating cabin camera for monitoring drivers using Autopilot:

@brettmolina23 on Amazon’s ‘Sidewalk’ feature that will share your internet connection:

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