HOAM | Reaction To Dana White Slapping His Wife During Physical Altercation
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HOAM | Reaction To Dana White Slapping His Wife During Physical Altercation

On Monday evening, a video of a physical altercation involving Dana White was released that showed the UFC president slap his wife on New Year's Eve. White subsequently spoke to TMZ to discuss what happened and that he and his wife both apologized to one another, but other big questions loom in the aftermath.
On an all-new edition of Heck of a Morning, MMA Fighting's Mike Heck reacts to the video of the incident in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and asks what will be done in response from a UFC and Endeavor perspective moving forward, and what impact there would be if White were to step down, or be removed from his position. Additionally, listener topics include Damir Ismagulov retiring, the horrifying moment during Monday Night Football with Demar Hamlin, the future of the featherweight division should Alexander Volkanovski defeat Islam Makhachev at UFC 283, Ilia Topuria's ceiling, and much more.
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