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  • The overturning of Roe, the disastrous implications for human rights and gymnastics, and which gymnasts have hit the streets
  • The good news: Sanity has prevailed and Rhys McClenaghan can compete at the Commonwealth Games
  • Japan has left world beam champion Ashikawa Urara off this year's worlds team. We dissect how this happened and whether it makes sense

Meet News

  • Germany got the band back together for nationals, Kim Bui won two titles at 33, and a wolf turn reaction for the ages
  • Naomi Visser dominated Dutch nationals, Eythora returned with a new floor routine, and Sanne left the national team!
  • Italy sent its A team to win the Mediterranean Games, while France took 2nd despite an injury to Lorette Charpy because we can't have nice things. BUT, Melanie is back to being perfect in training


The film about a Ukrainian gymnast who goes to live in exile in Switzerland during the 2013-2014 rebellion is out in limited release in the US. We discuss the AMAZING performance from Anastasia Budiashkina, how it pays to have real gymnasts in these roles, and why this is among the best gymnastics movies ever made.




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