A Closer Look at the New IEP Learning Center
Inclusive Education Project (IEP) Podcast · 24 minutes ·

A Closer Look at the New IEP Learning Center

Today’s show is an information session about our new IEP Learning Center. Feel free to share our presentation with anyone who might be interested in this new resource. With all of our endeavors, the goal is to increase access to the needed resources for quality education and learning for every student, especially those with disabilities. The IEP Learning Center becomes another outlet to assist in those goals. This episode takes a look at the Arrowsmith Program, what it looks like, and what will be offered at the IEP Learning Center. Join us to learn more!
Show Highlights:
Why we believe the Arrowsmith Program helps to provide the “missing piece” in educational resources
A look at who the IEP Learning Center can help
How neuroplasticity comes into play in all aspects of learning and behavior
Why creating new connections in the brain helps students with learning and function to a greater degree than mere repetitive work
Why the IEP Learning Center will focus on the Symbol Relations Program, which identifies, intervenes, and strengthens cognitive weaknesses
How this computer-based, teacher-directed program works to strengthen brain function and neural pathways
Research-based results from the Symbol Relations Program
Meet the team of the IEP Learning Center
How the program is offered in three learning sessions, beginning this fall, and is offered to students anywhere in the country
Q & A from the live Zoom session about the IEP Learning Center

Contact us on social media or through our website for more information on the IEP Learning Center:http://www.inclusiveeducationproject.org ( www.inclusiveeducationproject.org)   
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