All About Pediatric Assessments with Dr. Karen Wilson [IEP 191]

All About Pediatric Assessments with Dr. Karen Wilson [IEP 191]

We always feel that we are “on the same page” when our guest is a passionate advocate for students. Today’s guest explains the work she does with pediatric assessments to help the parents and teachers of struggling learners. Join us to learn more!
Dr. Karen Wilson is a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in pediatric assessments. She evaluates kids from age 4 through early adulthood where a struggle to learn indicates a suspected neurodevelopmental disorder. She figures out whether the problem is an executive functioning issue, attention deficit, or inappropriate instruction. By evaluating various areas, she can pinpoint the reason for the struggle and formulate a plan for success for the child at home and at school.

Show Highlights:

How parents are referred to a neuropsychologist, and why Karen can offer meaningful help
Why parents and teachers might rationalize the decision to put off a professional assessment, which delays lifechanging interventions for the student
How students can enjoy the learning process more when they don’t have to work as hard to learn and succeed
What Karen notices about how red flags show up at different times for students, based on their individual strengths and weaknesses
The need for universal screenings for kindergarten students
Why it might seem like there are more struggling learners now than in the past
How a teacher’s referral is usually for the child to see a pediatrician when they suspect a problem
Why parent and teacher observations and rating forms are a crucial part of the professional assessment and diagnosis

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