Forget Me Not Documentary with Hilda and Olivier Bernier [IEP 183]

Forget Me Not Documentary with Hilda and Olivier Bernier [IEP 183]

As the school year continues in full swing with in-person learning, inclusion has never been a more important topic. Today’s conversation takes a deep dive into inclusion through the eyes of a new documentary film. Join us!
Hilda and Olivier are filmmakers and parents of their son, Emilio. Through their documentary, Forget Me Not, they share the personal impact of NYC’s segregated education system as they fight for Emilio’s right to be educated alongside his peers. The film gives a rare look at what inclusive education can look like and how it can lead to a more inclusive society where every child can reach their full potential. The film lives up to its powerful title as it shines the spotlight on the kids who are often forgotten and underrepresented in their education.

Show Highlights:

How Hilda’s background in special education became more meaningful when their son was born with Down Syndrome, an event that changed the course of their family in every way
How Olivier knew nothing about special education or Down Syndrome until Emilio’s birth
How they set out to make a film about inclusive education as they experienced segregation in the education of their son
Why many people aren’t aware of what goes on in our educational system for students with disabilities
How breaking up segregated classrooms while students are young helps them understand the differences in how people learn
How the documentary makes people aware of the benefits of inclusion and spurs them to take action to help change the system
Why Hilda and Olivier hope the film encourages parents to raise their voices about what their children can do--even with disabilities
How some parents don’t have the knowledge base or resources to advocate for their child’s education
How lasting change will happen when people want to make a difference

Learn more about Hilda, Olivier, and their documentary film: (

Find the film’s Facebook page: (Forget Me Not Documentary)


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