Our 2021 Update on Distance Learning [IEP BONUS]
Inclusive Education Project (IEP) Podcast · 26 minutes ·

Our 2021 Update on Distance Learning [IEP BONUS]

Hello, listeners! We just wanted to check in with you and give you our most up-to-date information on what we’ve been experiencing so far, now that we have a full first semester of the 2021 school year behind us.
Show Highlights:
On the positive side, California’s Governor Newsom is taking education during this time seriously, but unfortunately, all of the school districts are not following his guidance and orders.
There is still a myriad of differences between school districts and their educational directions.
Here are a few problems we’re seeing with distance learning!
Resultant mental health issues need to be identified and addressed.
We continue to make our suggestions, many of which are simple concepts, but with big impacts.
What we might expect in Fall 2021.
Compassion and collaboration go a long way! 
Updates on the Bureau of Disability Rights within the Civil Rights Enforcement Section of the California Department of Justice.
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