Summer Prep for Learning Success
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Summer Prep for Learning Success

We were recently featured on Dr. Karen Wilson’s Diverse Thinking Different Learning podcast. Today’s episode is a replay of that conversation where we discuss what parents can do over the summer to help prepare their child for a successful upcoming school year. Whether your child has been in a summer school program or on a mental health break over the summer, there are specific things you can do to ensure that your child’s IEP, 504 Plan, or evaluations are in place for success in learning. Join us to learn more!
Show Highlights:

How pandemic trauma has affected our children in diverse ways
Why children can be eligible for support even if they don’t have an official diagnosis
Why navigating the system can be so tricky for parents
Why an assessment is the fundamental first step when there is any suspicion of a disability or any learning challenge
How at-home learning during the pandemic can give clues to parents about their child’s learning style and possible difficulties
What services are available through an IEP and 504 Plan
How parents need to handle any pushback for assessment through the school system
Advice for parents about preparing for the next school year
Why it’s totally acceptable to give your child a mental break over the summer
How to foster a partnership with the school district about solving your child’s problems in accessing education


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