Flower Essence with Nicholle Sanchez
Neutrino Seas · 58 minutes ·

Flower Essence with Nicholle Sanchez

Nicholle Sanchez is a healer, teacher, medicine maker and the founder behind Herb + Dew Apothecary. Her passion is flower essences, education and empowerment; her purpose is to reconnect you with your innate peace, wisdom, self-love, and joy.⁣

Through handcrafted personalized flower essence elixirs, healing sessions and online learning journeys, she offers you a gateway into understanding your unique medicine through a joyful engagement with the natural world. ❤️ Nicholle and Travis discuss:⁣

⁣* Healing with flower essences⁣

⁣* Vibrational frequency of flowers and emotions⁣

⁣* Creating flower essence elixirs⁣

⁣* The 4 phases of a woman⁣

⁣* Pursuing money vs. what you are called to⁣

⁣* Adult entertainment industry⁣

⁣* Harry Potter⁣

⁣* And more!⁣

Connect with Nicholle Sanchez

Website | https://herbanddew.com/

Instagram Herb + Dew | https://www.instagram.com/herbanddew/

Instagram Personal | https://www.instagram.com/nichollesanchez.iam/

Connect with Travis

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/travis.day/

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