Human Design with John Cole & Amy Lee
Neutrino Seas · 72 minutes ·

Human Design with John Cole & Amy Lee

John & Amy are the Founders of The Human Design Collective offering individualized guidance and coaching, courses and community to support your unique life purpose. With decades of experience in astrology, ancient philosophies, meta physics, body centered therapies and much more John and Amy utilize their unique backgrounds and embodied holistic approach to guide you in living a life you love. 

John (2/4 Ego Projector), Amy (5/1 Mental Projector) & Travis (1/3 Splenic Projector) discuss:

  • Successfully not using your college degree.
  • Slowing down to develop a relationship with your body.
  • Health issues and Projectors.
  • Projectors amplification of energy.
  • Being ok with having nothing to do.
  • Societal conditioning and the process of deconditioning.
  • Waiting for the invitation.
  • Waiting in general.
  • And more!

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