I'm psychic?! With spiritual medium Jessica Meils
Neutrino Seas · 77 minutes ·

I'm psychic?! With spiritual medium Jessica Meils

A mother, healer, and practicing spiritual medium and intuitive healer, Jess sits down with Travis to talk embracing spirit, trusting her psychic gifts and the journey to authentic fulfillment.

Travis and Jess discuss dreams, hunches, psychic phenomenon and reading between the lines of "coincidences." From Googling "spiritual awakening" and "psychic school options"  to owning and growing a confident practice with real life clients. We'll explore what it means to surrender to spiritual awakening, seek out our spirit guides, do the work to clear out blocks from our past, cultivate our most unique talents, and embrace the magic that comes our way.

Connect with Jessica Meils 

Website | https://www.jessicameils.com/

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/peoplecallmejess/

Connect with Travis

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/travis.day/


"Where is my Mind" Piano Performed by Travis Day 

Episode Produced and Edited by Tessa Hayward 

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