Instagram Live Replay - Human Design Q & A
Neutrino Seas · 56 minutes ·

Instagram Live Replay - Human Design Q & A

Join me for this solo episode as I answer Human Design questions live on Instagram! If you'd like to ask a question or be featured on my next Instagram Live, stay connected with me and watch out for the time and date via

In this weeks LIVE we discuss:

What is a channel 

The 11 - 56 channel

Looking at your design holistically

The 28 - 38 channel

The 25 -51 channel

How your channels can affect other people

The shadow and light of a channel

How I feel around different Auric Types

How do you get your Aura?

Reading situations as a Projector

Shutting up for the benefit of all

Protecting your Aura

Uranian Cycles vs Saturnian Cycles

The Throat Center

Why mental manifesting doesn’t work

Projectors and Generators 

Group dynamics

Drum Circles & Ayahuasca Ceremonies

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