Mania Free with Seth Brubaker
Neutrino Seas · 66 minutes ·

Mania Free with Seth Brubaker

Seth Brubaker is an arithmophobic polymath who loves naps, ice baths, metal, spicy peppers, obstacle course racing, cooking and acting. Seth knew from a young age that he was wired differently than most people and experienced his first manic episode at age 24 and again at age 28. With the love and support from his wife accompanied by a strict self care regiment, Seth has been Mania free for 19 years. His passion for writing, acting and sharing his story to help others is truly inspiring. Seth and Travis discuss:

  • Mental health
  • The experience of a manic episode
  • Fighting cops naked
  • The prison system in relation to mental health
  • Rehab
  • Healing trauma and clearing emotions
  • Self love
  • And more!

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