Mother Wisdom with Tamara Day Shriver
Neutrino Seas · 74 minutes ·

Mother Wisdom with Tamara Day Shriver

This week Travis sits down with his sister Tamara, for good reason we'll let her do the talking;

Hello, I’m Tamara. I am a mother and freelance writer and editor. I am also a passionate apprentice of embodied practices, indigenous spirit, and the mystical feminine. Inspired by my transformative experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, I seek to reawaken women to their own deep wisdom, creative vitality, and innate connection to all of life. In case you have forgotten, we are really quite amazing!

I received my MA from New York University, where I studied creative writing and literature. I spent a brief, glorious week as a tumbleweed at Shakespeare and Company in Paris and I am a KRI-certified instructor of Kundalini Yoga.

I have lived all over the world—in Southern California, Beijing, Paris, New York City, Baltimore—but currently call Charlottesville, Virginia home along with my husband, Tim, our son, Francis, and our standard poodle, Finn.

I am so glad you’re here to join me on this journey tending the fire of the feminine spirit and reclaiming the radical aliveness of feminine wisdom. It is vital spiritual work that is meant to be done together.

The time is ripe. Let us embark!

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