Nourishing mind, body & soul with Chef Amber
Neutrino Seas · 56 minutes ·

Nourishing mind, body & soul with Chef Amber

Chef Amber believes that food nourishes us from the inside out. Her belief in the rejuvenating and restorative powers of fresh, whole, nutritious food has made her unique artisanal restaurants "must-stops" when visiting Los Angeles; experience her creations in Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach. Each dish she creates is a sexy and healthy take on natural foods. Amber loves to find the simple yet delicious and nutritious alternatives to old favorites that anyone, especially those with dietary restrictions and health challenges, can enjoy. Along with her flavorful dishes, she is passionate about sharing her diverse knowledge on the various ways to nourish your mind, body and soul, with her community. Amber and Travis discuss:

  • Challenges of being a female executive chef in a male dominated industry.
  • Food as medicine.
  • Failure as a necessary catalyst for growth.
  • Breath work, meditation, visualization.
  • Manifesting our dreams.
  • Faith vs. fear.
  • The art of surrender.
  • Fulfillment in our work.
  • The Source Cafe Hermosa and Manhattan Beach.
  • And more!

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