Ride the wave of YOUR life
Neutrino Seas · 12 minutes ·

Ride the wave of YOUR life

I never figured out how to fit in. I guess I always had a problem with the term “reality” or what so many consider to be the “real world.” To me, those words seemed to be used in a way to crush our big ideas. When I finally said, fuck that reality I’m creating my own, life got a lot more interesting. ⁣
⁣The truth is we weren’t meant to fit in and when we summon the courage any one of us can CREATE A REALITY in which our wildest dreams come true. This podcast is a celebration and deep dive into the hearts and minds of courageous individuals who are doing just that.⁣ I can promise you shit’s gonna get weird, sometimes controversial, hopefully a little kinky, ultra spiritual, definitely stupid and always beautiful. The most transformational experiences of my life have all started with a conversation and I’ll be using this podcast as an excuse to have a lot more of those, I’d love for you to join me! ⁣In this short episode find out about my journey of transformation as I set the tone for Stupid Beautiful.

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