The solution is in the circle
Education Suspended · 37 minutes ·

The solution is in the circle

In today’s episode we have a great conversation with Alicia García, the Founder of Circle Corps. Alicia talks openly about the collective healing that needs to take place systemically for our adults in education and encourages all of us to disrupt the patterns that continue to exist. As a restorative justice practitioner, she highlights how utilizing a restorative framework helps create learning environments that increase engagement and give voice and control back to the students.

Alicia García is a relationship-driven equity architect and restorative educator with nearly a decade of experience in Restorative Practices in education. Since 2016, she has led over 300 professional development sessions in Restorative Practices. In 2020, she founded Circle Corps, which is a collective of innovative restorative practitioners, committed to the culmination of Restorative Practices and Liberatory Design. She maintains a steadfast commitment to community outreach and engagement through the restorative approach and is fueled by the undeniable impact achieved through these efforts.

Intro song: Poet's Row, Young Bones

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