Episode One - The Past
A Christmas Carol Podcast · 47 minutes ·

Episode One - The Past

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Henry and J get together to discuss one of Henry’s favorite stories, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. We meet Ebeneezer Scrooge and begin the journey through his past and the Christmases of his youth.

A Christmas Carol Podcast was written and directed by Henry Cyr and J Purnell Hargrove

Production Managed by Amy Haynes Rapnicki
Recorded and Edited by Henry
Sound Design by J
Music Coordination by Henry and J
Artwork by Charity Read

Featuring the voice talents of:
Henry Cyr as Charles Dickens
J Purnell Hargrove as Ebeneezer Scrooge
Stephen Foreman as Bob Cratchit
Sam Rudai as Child
Max Wolf as Fred
Bill Bisbee and Nick Rose as Charity Gentlemen
Alex Peças as Jacob Marley
Lizzy Jackson Fleischmann as The Ghost of Christmas Past
Olive DeVille as Fan
Mike Zellhofer as Mr. Fezziwig
Andy Collins as Dick Wilkins
Amy Rudai as Mrs. Fezziwig
Grace Dillon as Belle

© 2020 The Greasy Utterson

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