Episode Two - The Present
A Christmas Carol Podcast · 22 minutes ·

Episode Two - The Present

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After a potty break, J is ready to continue experiencing Henry’s excitement of A Christmas Carol. Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by the next spirit and travels through the Christmas that is happening outside of his home.

A Christmas Carol Podcast was written and directed by Henry Cyr and J Purnell Hargrove

Production Managed by Amy Haynes Rapnicki
Recorded and Edited by Henry
Sound Design by J
Music Coordination by Henry and J
Artwork by Charity Read

Featuring the voice talents of:
Henry Cyr as Charles Dickens
J Purnell Hargrove as Ebeneezer Scrooge
Christopher Kabara as The Ghost of Christmas Present
Cecelia DeBaugh as Belinda Cratchit
Lucy DeBaugh as Annie Cratchit
Amy Haynes Rapnicki as Mrs. Cratchit
Grace Volpe as Martha Cratchit
Stephen Foreman as Bob Cratchit
Bailey Gomes as Tiny Tim
Max Wolf as Fred
Katelyn Clay as Daisy
Tricia Anderson as Rose
Andy Collins as Topper

© 2020 Greasy Utterson Productions

“The Holly and the Ivy” arranged and performed by Nick Ruth

For more information about Third Wall Productions visit https://thirdwall.org/
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