Black Women in U.S. Military History

Black Women in U.S. Military History

In this episode, Hettie V. Williams is in discussion with Professor Melissa Ziobro. Williams is Associate Professor of African American History at Monmouth University and Ziobro is a Specialist Professor in Public History at Monmouth. This discussion centers on the history of Black women in the U.S. military as this is a subject that does need to be studied further by scholars and public historians more generally. See below for Professor Ziobro’s recommendations/sources on Black women in the U.S. military. 

Resources on Black Women in U.S. Military History: 

Glory in Their Spirit: How Four Black Women Took On the Army during World War II, by Sandra Bolzenius, 2018. 

Standing Up Against Hate: How Black Women in the Army Helped Change the Course of WWII, by Mary Farrell, 2019.

Excellent Library of Congress bibliography on Black women in the military:

See also: 

National Association of Black Military Women 

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