Ep. 06 - Mary Alice Stephenson
Fashion Culture Design · 36 minutes ·

Ep. 06 - Mary Alice Stephenson

Mary Alice Stephenson gives a sparkling A-Z guide to her life and career from arriving in NYC and being hand-selected by Anna Wintour as a Vogue intern, to hosting events with Michelle Obama in the Whitehouse. Along the way her publishing credits include Fashion Director, editor, and stylist for Vogue, Allure, Marie Claire, Esquire, Seventeen, Oprah Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. Then there are the years commenting on style, fashion and the red carpet for CNN, NBC, The Today Show and countless other shows. And yet if you follow her social media you’d think her entire life is devoted to helping people through her charity GLAM4GOOD. Whether it’s wounded veterans, women in difficult situations, or children benefiting from Make-a-Wish, Mary Alice always answers yes. And yet the last flood of messages she received were vicious hate mail after she failed to insult the first lady’s outfits on CNN. What a life. What a gal.

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