Bonus Episode: Re-Introducing About the Journey
Travel Tales by AFAR · 28 minutes ·

Bonus Episode: Re-Introducing About the Journey

Hey, listeners! Remember last season, when we introduced you to a podcast called About the Journey? In season two, travel journalist Oneika Raymond takes us on a trip around North America to explore what it means to travel better. She’s picked six cities and six entirely unique experiences. Throughout each episode, Oneika connects with locals who can speak to the heart of the dynamic cities we’re traveling to. They’ll tell us where to go, what to do, and how to see the world in more sustainable and meaningful ways. 
In the episode we’re about to hear, Oneika will take us to Anacostia, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., to visit Mahogany, the community's first Black-owned bookstore in over two decades, which sells works by Black authors.
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