A Brief History of the Tour de France, Episode 394
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A Brief History of the Tour de France, Episode 394

In this episode of the podcast, Elyse Rivin of Toulouse Guided Walks tells us about the birth of the bicycle and of the Tour de France. The first the Tour de France in 1903 started small but hasn't stopped growing ever since. Why do we love bicycles so much anyway? Most French people worked in agriculture then and it's a fact that bicycles gave young men much freedom. Some people feared what young women might do if they had the freedom a bicycle afforded them!

In this episode we wonder who wore the first yellow jersey and why? Where's a great place to watch the Tour go by in Paris? What's the publicity caravan all about? Why is the tour so popular today? Click play and get ready for a fantastic Tour starting July 1, 2022.

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