A Visit to Narbonne and the Mediterranean Coast, Episode 403
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A Visit to Narbonne and the Mediterranean Coast, Episode 403

Jennifer Jerzyk, my guest on today's podcast visited Narbonne and the Mediterranean coast in 2022. She travelled mostly by train because she finds it peaceful and relaxing. She also enjoyed the fact that Narbonne is a great gateway into the Mediterranean and such value! That's because Narbonne is not touristy. As a matter of fact, she wondered if she was the only tourist there!

For the travel question of the week, Annie explains why people who take the RER between the airport and the city are asking for trouble. That's 49 minutes into the episode and you should listen to it and heed my advice!

Tips for a Visit to Narbonne and the Mediterranean Coast

Narbonne is a great place from which to explore the "other Riviera". The Mediterranean coast between Montpellier and Collioure. For example you could go to Agde, Sète, Port Vendres, Banyuls-sur-Mer, etc. Some of these places don't have a train station, but you might get there on a regional bus or by renting a car.

Recommended in this Episode

For your own peace of mind, you may want to lock your suitcase to the travel rack using a retractable lock. You can see one in Annie's Join Us in France Favs.

L'estagnol Restaurant in Narbonne where they serve wonderful seafood and where she also went back for a wine event hosted by the wine maker.

Hôtel de la Cité or Best Western in Carcassonne.

Restaurant La Voile in Collioure

In the conversation we mentioned Les Grands Buffets but they've since announced that the restaurant is moving but haven't announced where yet. Stay tuned, I will talk about it once the move has happened.

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