Classic French Recipes with a Vegan Twist, Episode 389
Join Us in France Travel Podcast · 55 minutes ·

Classic French Recipes with a Vegan Twist, Episode 389

Do you need some inspiration for healthy meals at home? Listen to this episode!

Annie Sargent and Sarala Terpstra geek out about French food and how to make it vegan. Tips for home cooks and vegan visitors who love French food. Keep in mind that a lot of classic French recipes that are vegan to begin with, do you know which ones? #joinusinfrance #vegan #recipes

Sarala's and Annie's Cookbooks

Sarala's cookbook: Vegan French Favorites: 30 Beloved French Recipes Reimagined

Annie's cookbook: Join Us at the Table: Easy French Recipes Anyone Can Make at Home

How about vegan visitors in France?

Vegans visiting France can find many food options, especially in big cities. But inexpensive restaurants don't try to make classic French food vegan. Instead, they'll serve you curries or poke bowls, etc. The more expensive restaurants work harder at adapting French food to be, but it's a lot more work than making a basic vegan curry. Michelin Bib restaurants are especially good for vegans looking for an upscale meal in France.

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