Favorite Walking Tours in Nice, Episode 384
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Favorite Walking Tours in Nice, Episode 384

In this episode of the podcast, my guest Jeanne Oliver shares her favorite walking tours in Nice. Jeanne is not from Nice originally, she's been living there for a long time, she has written a book about Nice (Nice Uncovered: Walks Through the Secret Heart of a Historic City), a VoiceMap tour (you know how I love VoiceMap tours!): The Best of Nice's Old Town. She also has a website about Nice: French Riviera Traveler. Plus, as a keen historian she puts Nice on the map for us and you'll love her restaurants recommendations! This one is a must-listen!

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Table of Contents for this Episode

[00:00:37] Introducing Jeanne Oliver
[00:01:29] May 1st and other travel tips after the interview
[00:02:00] Support this podcast by making purchases on Annie’s Boutique
[00:02:19] Feedback about the itinerary planning service
[00:03:57] Jeanne’s VoiceMap tour of Nice
[00:05:43] Seven walking tours in Nice
[00:07:21] Nice started attracting visitors in the late 1700s
[00:08:16] Nice offers a wonderful lifestyle
[00:09:40] Nice as a city of Art and Architecture
[00:11:06] Nice has a rocky beach and that’s good and bad
[00:11:46] A brief history of Nice
[00:12:43] Roman site at Cimiez
[00:14:30] Nice as part of the House of Savoy
[00:15:21] Nice is very close to the Italian border and a major seaport
[00:17:34] The Siege of Nice and Catherine of Ségurane
[00:19:27] Favorite churches in Nice
[00:22:29] Louis XIV tries to take Nice
[00:23:33] Nice gets attached to France in 1860
[00:26:33] Art Deco in Nice in the 20s and 30s
[00:27:48] WW2 in Nice
[00:29:36] What to do in Nice in 4 or 4 days
[00:32:35] How long do you need to spend in Nice?
[00:34:15] Notable restaurants in Nice
[00:36:35] Nice and the Meditarranean diet
[00:39:04] You don’t need a car on the Riviera or in Nice
[00:43:27] Give slow travel a chance!
[00:45:05] Thank you new Patrons!
[00:45:46] Don’t drive yourself crazy planning your trip to France
[00:49:36] There are a lot of taxis in Paris
[00:53:27] Open and closed in Paris on Sun, May 1st. 2022
[00:53:44] Demonstrations
[00:54:46] Parks will be open
[00:55:14] Major shopping centers will be closed
[00:55:25] Most museums will be closed
[00:55:42] No metro or bus on May 1st in Paris
[00:55:49] The Eiffel Tower is open on May 1st
[00:56:00] On May 1st walk to the nearest park and have a picnic
[00:56:52] What about Easter Sunday?

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