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[School of Movies 2020]  

On the 19th anniversary of the release of this game-changing animated movie, we look back on the alchemy at work which made this such an abiding hit.

Effectively one giant, green middle-finger to Disney, this caper resonated strongly with audiences who wanted to defy that wholesome, controlling and overbearing megacorporation with its twee fairy tales of slender, pretty people with dreams and songs and irritating animal sidekicks. Shrek was more like regular people, selfish, bitter and obnoxious, with irritating animal sidekicks.

As well as the movie, we get to highlight some of the best aspects of the Shrek musical, which in  a strange way carries things full-circle.  This show was rather special, for reasons you'll find out at the end. 


Victoria Luna B. Grieve:  @VixenVVitch  

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