Queer Movie Podcast: A New Era
Queer Movie Podcast · 1 minutes ·

Queer Movie Podcast: A New Era

After a long hiatus (blame Jazza), The Queer Movie Podcast is back, and now part of Multitude.

This is a queer movie watch party for your ears, hosted by Rowan Ellis and Jazza John. Join us as we take a look at the queer film canon, one genre at a time. From rom-coms to slashers, contemporary arthouse cinema to comedy classics - Queer Movie Podcast is a celebration of all things queer on the silver screen!

New episodes every other Thursday.

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- Twitter: https://twitter.com/QueerMoviePod 

- Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thequeermoviepodcast

- Website: http://www.queermoviepodcast.co.uk/ 

- Multitude: @MultitudeShows


- Hosts: Rowan Ellis and Jazza John

- Editor: Julia Schifini

- Executive Producer: Multitude

- Artwork: Jessica E. Boyd

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