Fresh Soup 122: DJ Simm, 'Ardcore '94
Fresh Soup · 69 minutes ·

Fresh Soup 122: DJ Simm, 'Ardcore '94

In the 12 months where fun got banned, nostalgia for packed dancefloors, lasers and big fish little fish dance moves has peaked; the sound of British hardcore being reproduced by kids who weren't even a glint in their parents' massively enlarged pupils, and hipster Instagram accounts ramping up the likes with crackly VHS footage. It's easy to forget, though, that there was huge prejudice at the time toward these raves and their music; and from the dance music community itself.

They say time heals, and for the hedonistic sound of hardcore, it's a nailed on truism; its sheer joy as infectious as it was back then, without any of the unnecessary and unpleasant elitist sneering that accompanied it. Through soaring piano riffs, falsetto vocals and skipping breakbeats, Fresh Soup's resident theme fan takes us on a blistering ride back to the mid-1990s, laying out the irresistible sound of 'Ardcore '94. You know the score.

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