Episode 04 | How are you?
Pink Glasses Convo · 23 minutes ·

Episode 04 | How are you?

Asking genuine questions and giving genuine answers is the pathway to having honest conversations and building great relationships. In the spirit of asking questions, today’s episode tackles the most common icebreaker, “How are you?” Whether it's asking close pals, work colleagues, coursemates, or a complete stranger, this question is the go-to in our social toolbox. Although simple, holding ourselves accountable to listen and be truthful in our response will lead to more vulnerability, openness, and empathy in a world where such is lacking. It is not enough to be truthful to others, we must be the same to ourselves even while we seek to fully comprehend our emotions.

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This week:

Song: Truth be Told by Matthew West | Quote: God is the one who gives increase to the work of our hands.

p.s: Olaoluwa does not speak on behalf of every one who identifies with one or more of her identities. New episodes will be out weekly or biweekly on Saturdays with song recommendations and quotes.

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