Episode 05 | Japa Series I: Let the Story Begin
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Episode 05 | Japa Series I: Let the Story Begin

"Japa" is a Nigerian slang for immigrating to another country for better work, career or life opportunities. This episode of an overview of Olaoluwa’s experiences and lessons as an African immigrant graduate student in the US. Highlighted are areas easily overlooked by international students while preparing to migrate. Olaoluwa uses the space to appreciate her community, peers and family who supported her during her academic journey. More episodes in this series will delve into the specifics like academics, studying, funding, admission process, building community, upholding your values with an open mind, volunteering and campus engagement, etc. In the heart of storytelling, Olaoluwa employs slang words and phrase, which might not be familiar to non-Nigerian listeners to make the content relatable and relaxing.

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This week:

Song: The Story I’ll Tell by Maverick City Music| Quote: That you carry it well does the make the burden any easier

p.s: Olaoluwa does not speak on behalf of every one who identifies with one or more of her identities. New episodes will be out weekly or biweekly on Saturdays with song recommendations and quotes.

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