Episode 07 | Holiday Special II: Welcome to 2022
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Episode 07 | Holiday Special II: Welcome to 2022

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022 #PGCNation. With the new year comes resolutions, reviews, plans, inspirations, gratitude, faith and a lot of vulnerability; all of which Olaoluwa brings to today’s episode. An excerpt from today’s episode is, “With a new year comes a new quarter, a new month, a new week, a new day and a new minute. Those time lapses are opportunities for a fresh start.” Olaoluwa encourages listeners to seek personal injunctions while connecting with shared faith mandates in their local church or fellowship. Thank you for riding with “pgcpodcast in 2021 and looking forward to a deep and close yet meaningful engagement this new year.

Welcome to 2022 - The Year of the Lord's Presence | Exodus 33:14 - And the Lord said, “My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest [by bringing you and the people into the promised land].”

Message from the host - “I hoped to share more personal and deeper stories from 2021 because it was a really hard year for me but I started recording and its just went blank. I believe the Lord is just not ready for me to share it yet, but when its time, trust me to give all the inside scoop. 2021 started with pain, failure and rejection in most areas of my life but it ended with victory, establishment, manifestation and blessings. Still believing for more things, but I have the blessed assurance and my hope is firm”

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Song of the week: Thank you Lord by Called Out Music

p.s: Olaoluwa does not speak on behalf of every one who identifies with one or more of her identities. New episodes will be out weekly or biweekly on Saturdays with song recommendations and quotes

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